5 Impactful Yet Simple Ways to Say “Thank You” at Work!

November is a time of Thanksgiving! The season is not just the perfect time to reflect on what we’re thankful for, but also, to remember the power of saying ‘thank you.’

For numerous reasons, thank you isn’t said enough especially in the workplace. Often, we think, why should anyone thank us for doing our job? And why should we thank our colleagues for doing what they’re paid to do?

At SoftClouds, our people continue to be our biggest asset, and we firmly believe in cultivating the attitude of gratitude. When we reach out to our co-workers and thank them for the impact they have made, it goes a long way. We practice this not just around Thanksgiving but throughout the year.

Here are five simple ways on how we have built a culture of gratitude:

1. Gratitude Jar

Having a Gratitude Jar at work is one of the most incredible things we have done to create a substantial positive impact.

The Gratitude Jar is an opportunity to leave a compliment/thank you note for a colleague who has shown kindness or helped in some way. On the last Friday of every month, the whole office comes together and the “thank you notes” are read. The jar is usually located on a table in the kitchen area (as that’s our favorite hang-out spot) along with a pen and notepad.

Seeing the gratitude jar with numerous notes of gratitude is a great visual reminder of all the things we must appreciate at work.

2. Company Gratitude Lunches

There’s always something to celebrate, and at SoftClouds we celebrate the close of each month amongst many other things! On the last Friday of the month, the company caters lunch and the whole office gathers to enjoy lunch together. It’s our way of appreciating all the hard work put in by our team month after month. This way, we take time out of our busy schedules to acknowledge milestones, reflect on small and big wins and celebrate achievements.

3. Employee Recognition on Social Media

We are incredibly proud of our team at SoftClouds, and we want to highlight them and all their achievements. What better way than to use social media as most of our employees are already on it. Recognizing employees where they already “hang-out” has a more meaningful impact. It also encourages acknowledgment from peers as colleagues and friends also share and comment on the posts. Every Tuesday, SoftClouds features one employee on social media. It has been very effective and has boosted company and employee morale.

4. Volunteering

Here at SoftClouds, we encourage our team members to volunteer. Giving back to society helps us appreciate the things we have in our life. As they say, small changes can have a significant impact. We believe volunteering can bring a change in the way we approach things like developing new skills, teamwork, discovering new passions, gaining new insights about ourselves and a deep appreciation of all that we have in life.

5. A small token of Appreciation

A small gift or gift card to favored stores or retailers is a great way to show appreciation towards employees or teams. Apart from this, we also like to celebrate important days in our employee’s life like their wedding day, graduation ceremony, or any notable milestone. Though it may cost a few bucks, a thoughtful gift goes a long way, and they will always remember even a decade from now, so it’s well worth the investment.

What are the other ways to say “Thank You” that you would add to this list? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

This post was written by Anitha Palabindela. She is the Talent Acquisition Manager at SoftClouds. With 10+ years of experience, Anitha establishes recruiting requirements by studying organization plans and objectives, based on which she builds applicant sources by researching and contacting colleges, employment agencies, recruiters, and internet sources. By using sophisticated application tracking system, CRM system and recruiting software, Anitha guides applicants through the selection phase through to on-boarding.



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