Digital Transformation in Healthcare 2021 — Oracle Service Cloud, Innovation, & SoftClouds

Customer Service/Support today is becoming increasingly demanding due to mobility, social media, and easy access to information. However, service tolerance is diminishing, and everyone wants instant gratification. Online reviews affect organizations by encouraging customers to look elsewhere or leads to long-term bad reputation.

Customers want to be updated throughout the engagement process and to be able to interact regularly across several channels. While many cloud-based systems are good at managing simple tickets, they struggle once service delivery processes start to become complicated and need to integrate with other systems/platforms. …

DevOps — The Next Best Solution for CRM

Platforms for Customer Relationship Management and Customer Experience (CRM/CX) are currently the world’s largest and most important software market, and the growth isn’t slowing down! In fact, CRM software will generate more than $80 billion in sales by 2025.

Here are some of the most important CRM stats to be aware of in 2021.

It’s incredible to see the CRM sector grow at such a rapid pace. Why? CRM is at the heart of every business that wants to provide its customers with the greatest possible experience. …

CPQ & Subscription — The Pillars of Subscription Economy

What has the last year and half taught us? Everything can be done DIGITALLY! Our whole world as we know it was flipped upside down and tossed around for a ride. Companies who thrived amidst the chaos all had one thing in common, Subscription Business Models. Companies such as Netflix, Amazon, Google, Uber Eats, GrubHub, and many other subscription services became richer! Payment for usage and instant gratification has now trumped ownership! A century year old business model of purchase to own has now become extremely outdated. …

Knowledge Management & Its Impact on CX – A Strategic View

Tom Davenport (Davenport, 1994) coined the traditional one-line definition of Knowledge Management: “Knowledge Management is the act of capturing, sharing, and efficiently utilizing knowledge.” In simple words, Knowledge Management (KM) is the process of an organization’s knowledge and information being created, shared, used, and managed. It is a multidisciplinary approach to achieving organizational goals through the most effective use of knowledge.

The Global knowledge management market was at $381.5 Billion in 2020 and is projected to reach $1.4 Trillion by 2027 at a rate of 19.8%. China, the world`s second largest economy, is forecast to reach a projected market size…

The ERP market has been evolving swiftly in the last decade! With the wide acceptance of cloud solutions, anytime-anywhere access to ERP systems have helped enterprises become successful with suitable and affordable ERP solutions. The ERP market is in a rapid expansion phase and expected to reach $78.4 billion by 2026. Furthermore, a study of companies that successfully implemented ERP systems, showed they achieved 82% ROI in their expected time frame.

The Rise of the ERP with Cloud (The Best Combination) and the ERP Cloud leaders

With the movement towards cloud technologies, most companies are transitioning to cloud platforms. The global Cloud ERP market will increase from $45.3 billion in 2020 to $101.1 billion by…

Oracle Digital Assistant to Top the Fierce Global Competition

Digital assistants (DA) have evolved from basic tasks like placing online food orders, checking the weather, getting sports updates, and listening to music in the car. Digital assistants are becoming increasingly sophisticated! Many more use cases are guiding various market innovations in various verticals.

Technological advances, increasing demand for outsourced assistance, increased focus on enhancing customer loyalty, the acceptance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, and improvements in Natural Language Understanding (NLU), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and the Internet of Things are all driving the global digital assistant sector (IoT).

By 2024, the number of digital assistants will reach 8.4 billion…

Sales in 2021 — Planning & Performance Management

The way customers have changed over the last 20 years has been one of the most exciting and challenging periods. The change has been very profound, buyers have instant and phenomenal information available on the market, product, or service. Moreover, they have an incredible amount of data solely off user reviews. Before a buyer interacts with a sales rep, 50–90% of the sales journey has already been completed.

It’s obvious that the world of sales is constantly evolving at a break-neck speed so sales must be extremely strategic as to what they bring to the table. However, across industries, sales…

Step into the FUTURE with Oracle Knowledge Advanced

With the upsurge of workforce conversations on digital collaboration apps, knowledge base is no longer used for storage of content in databases waiting to be accessed. It is essential and should be proactively helping users across the digital communication channels learning the new trends based on recent searches. If organizations fail to respond quickly and do not make it easy to find answers then customers will abandon their purchase.

Due to the exponential growth of information and with the immediate need for the right knowledge to share with their employees and customers, organizations are scrambling for knowledge management systems.


Reinventing Customer Service: Oracle Service Cloud & Digital Trifecta

For the consumers of today, customer experience (CX) is the number one priority. Instant gratification is ingrained in the expectations of the customer and is the “latest golden standard” in customer experience. We are experiencing a customer service reformation and digital transformation, together, driven by the customer. 57% of businesses felt their business model was outdated and needed to be modernized.

As a result, what was historically perceived to be a great customer experience is no longer good enough and virtually all organizations are forced to revamp their approach towards CX. Traditional service/Call Centers do not exist anymore, and service…

Stop Eroding Revenue and Margins with Oracle CPQ

Increasing sales and revenues are not always a sign of rising profits. If high discounts are applied during the sales process to close a deal, the gross profits will be reduced over time. In the subscription economy, giving high discounts or selling outdated products/services will not only have a long-term impact on the potential revenue earned, but also have a negative impact on the operating costs. Missing an upsell/renewal opportunity is another driving factor for eroding revenues and profit margins.

What is Erosion in Business?

Erosion is best described as any negative effect that is aimed at the revenue, income, or properties of an organization…


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