Knowledge in Oracle Service Cloud — Picking KA vs KF?

Knowledge Foundation

Knowledge Advanced

  • The ability to create multiple content types and templates with custom fields and attributes.
  • The ability to assign different levels of security to different fields as a whole in the content (as opposed to segments of text inside that field)
  • The ability to create content publication workflows and assign each content type its own workflow, if needed.
  • The ability to define different content authoring roles to specify what content types a given console user can work with and what they can do with the content — create, edit, review, or publish.
  • A versioning system that retains older versions of an article.
  • A mechanism to connect a source document and its translations to be able to treat them as the same document.
  • The ability for end users of the content to be able to provide feedback to individual articles, which closes the loop with the authoring staff.
  • Concept based search matching and a basic NLP engine that also allows cross-linguistic matches between the user’s queries and the content.

Comparing & Contrasting — KF & KA

1. Complexity of Content

2. Versioning Requirements

3. Global Applications

4. User Feedback

5. Improved Search

Picking the Right Solution



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