Siebel CRM 2018 — What to expect

Continuous Delivery Model and enhanced customer experience in Siebel 18.4 and beyond

Source: Siebel CRM Statement of Direction — Siebel CRM 2018 key changes

Customer Experience enhancements in Siebel CRM 2018

  • Prebuilt visualization components that allow users to quickly consume information at a glance, timelines for chronological interactions, various charts to slice and dice the data to your preference, and many more.
  • A new Siebel Object Manager data-aggregation engine to generate optimized database queries to handle large volumes of data and provide optimal performance.
  • A visual IDE to compose the dashboard layout, drag-and-drop capability, and most importantly compose new visual components with minimal effort.
  • Preview dashboards by selecting different applications of choice whether it is an employee application, partner application, or customer self-service application.
  • The ability to leverage the same visualization controls across various devices, browsers, and form factors.
Source: Siebel CRM Statement of Direction-Sales Dashboard
  • The new release includes integration with Elastic Search embedded within Siebel (so a third-party REST adapter is not required for Elastic integration).
  • Siebel CRM 2018 will provide a utility to help previous Oracle Secure Enterprise Search customers with the migration of their OSES configuration to Elastic.
  • Faceted search capabilities for Elastic and third-party search engines to help filter search results by various field values.
  • Support for searching attachment content for Elastic and third-party search engines.
  • Auto-complete supported out of the box with the embedded Elastic implementation.
  • Support for searching iHelp records and drilling down to the proper view based on the iHelp configuration.
  • More in depth control of fields that can be displayed in the search results header and detail sections.
  • Automatic navigation to a record when a single result is found.
Siebel CRM Roadmap — Source:Oracle
2018 Siebel CRM Grand Tour Locations



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